UPST Tus Nqi Tshaj Lij Tshaj Lij Tshaj Lij Tshaj Lij Tshaj Lij Tshaj Lij Kawg ntawm Lub Peb Hlis 1?

UPST stock price retraces from the support near $14.05, and signals at a possibility of a bull run. Upstart Holdings Inc. operates as a cloud-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) lending platform. Its platform aggregates consumer demand for loans and connects it to the company’s network of AI-enabled bank partners. After the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) last week, the banking sector saw elevated volatility.

After SVB’s failure, many may switch to AI-based lenders, and other sources for loans. Upstart may use this to its leverage and take a leap. The  company can strategically use this opportunity to establish itself as a leading AI-based lender. This may bring out Upstart as a savior to the slowing economy, where new businesses require funds to get a foothold in the market.

UPST Tshuag Nqe Analysis

UPST stock price broke the rising regression channel and formed a descending triangle. The current price fell by 3.61% in the intraday session, after retracing from the support of $14.05. The Fib retracement levels suggest UPST stock price to move in the first level. If it breaks out of the declining streak, and establishes a rally, UPST share price can aim for $19.50, initially. However, depending on its reception by the public, the story could change completely…

The alleged rally may face resistance near the third level of retracement, and if breached, a bull run reaching $25.30 can be established. The volume shows stagnant investor participation.

The RSI curves in the lower-half ranges which shows that sellers are gaining dominance over the buyers, at present. The MACD continues in the negative cross and recorded selling action, which may decline, once the rally is established. Essentially, while the indicators show the current market is bearish given the SVB collapse, market demand for UPST could spur.


UPST stock price saw a fall in the intraday session and opposes the upward retracement that occured after taking support at $14.05. The AI-based lender may have an opportunity, and can use it to its advantage in taking over a failing lending industry. Hawkish Fed policies, regulatory ambiguity and current market situation can be strategically leveraged by Upstart to its favor. Holders of UPST shares can rely on the support near $14.05, and trace the rally through retracement levels.

Kev theem

Kev them nyiaj yug theem: $ 14.05 thiab $ 12.27

Cov qib tsis kam: $ 19.50 thiab $ 25.30


Cov kev xav thiab kev xav tau hais los ntawm tus sau, lossis ib tus neeg muaj npe hauv kab lus no, yog rau cov ntaub ntawv xov xwm nkaus xwb, thiab lawv tsis tsim nyiaj txiag, peev, lossis lwm yam lus qhia. Kev nqis peev hauv lossis kev lag luam crypto txiaj los nrog kev pheej hmoo ntawm kev poob nyiaj txiag.

Nancy J. Allen
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